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Helping you devote more to your mission.

Donations provide critical funds to most nonprofit organizations. That’s why our tailored nonprofit solutions make donating and reporting as efficient and reliable as possible. And why many associations, religious organizations and communities turn to us for help managing everything from donations to charity auctions, church contributions, tickets and fundraising events.


Event Management

Have the exact tools needed to sell tickets, track attendance, collect registration data and organize event reporting.

Online Payment

Access to allow buyers to conveniently purchase tickets and/or register online using credit or debit cards.

Payment Processing

One consistent financial solution and ticket generation for the entire event. Also, there is no need to purchase any hardware, as your smart devices, tablets or laptops can easily track attendance and ticket redemption.

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Have the ability to create unique promotion codes for both increased event attendance and financial accuracy.


Utilize a face-to-face solution for gate and box office sales for all types of nonprofit events.

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