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Independent Software Vendors

Elevate Your Business To A New Level.

Not only do we provide you with three expertly designed software technologies that strengthens your offering, we give you back-office support and certainty of security while you provide your customer with an end-to-end solution.


Since starting with Pace i3 Verticals we have had a seamless transition accepting credit card payments in our city office.

City of North Oaks, MN

I have already recommended Pace i3 Verticals to some of my friends. It’s so easy to use and the help you get whenever you have a question is great. I only wish I had known about them when I started in business 23 years ago. It would have been easy and less frustrating for me as well as my customers.

Mrs. B’s BNB



We give our customers an Omni-Channel Access Engine, providing acceptance of all payment types through any payment channel.


Our second-to-none Business Intelligence Engine gives customers access to all payment data, full lifecycle of a transaction updates, Basic authentication and the ability to post to multiple server URLs. With Insight, you will never lose data due to an outage. Our Business analytics is driven by Metadata Payload design. While our reporting suite gives you hierarchal, drilldown reporting at ISV customer level and allows you to customize report definitions.


Receive fast, efficient and secure payment applications. Included are industry leading features like Security First, Developer friendly, EMV Capable, Extensive Processor Certifications, Tokenized Card Storage and Enterprise ready.

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