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Processing payments is only one part of how we serve clients. Beyond innovative electronic payments technology, we partner with clients to help them grow, increase profits and efficiency, and thrive in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Our Solutions:

One Stop. Many Solutions.

Through the i3 Verticals family of companies, we create customized solutions for every client. Yet all of our varied solutions have some essentials in common:

SEAMLESS integration with clients’ business software

Totally TAILORED around your needs

Bank-level, PCI-compliant SECURITY that protects cardholder data and helps you manage risk

STREAMLINED for optimal speed, convenience and efficiency

INTEGRATED ability to accept payments from wherever your customers are via browsers or mobile devices

REPORTING tools that make it easy to access important information in real time

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i3 Verticals offers seamless, cashless solutions that enable schools, nonprofits and other organizations to manage ticket sales for their events by:

Selling tickets and collecting payments online

Tracking ticket sales

Streamlining ticket sales and improving efficiency

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i3 Verticals offers innovative solutions that create wins for our clients:

Secure processing of integrated payments

Improved efficiency with fewer errors

Faster transaction processing

Easier reconciliation

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With innovative solutions from i3 Verticals and our partners, even small businesses can deliver a top-shelf loyalty experience that increases repeat sales:

Reward and communicate with loyal customers via their mobile devices

Provide exclusive perks for their best customers

Reward customers for multiple purchases on one visit

Reward loyalty only after purchases are validated

Offer a fun experience that keeps customers coming back

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i3 Verticals empowers schools and districts to operate more efficiently and focus on their core mission:

Seamlessly accept payments for everything from school lunches to school activities, donations and club dues

Track information efficiently by linking otherwise disconnected data

Manage ticket sales to school events online

Allow parents and students to complete forms electronically and integrate them with SIS and general ledger platforms in a centralized database

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i3 Verticals offers innovative solutions that create wins for our clients:

Increased customer convenience and satisfaction

Integration with a variety of eCommerce platforms

State-of-the-industry security

Reduced fraud

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We offer a suite of payment processing solutions to help businesses run more effectively:

Improved cash flow

Reduced check fraud

Easy reconciliation and record-keeping

Hassle-free credit, debit and EBT processing with fast access to funds

eCommerce solutions that are compatible with major shopping carts

Ability to treat checks and ACH just like credit cards

Ability to accept payments from wherever customers are by combining POS and integrated mobile POS technology with EMV, NFC and onscreen PIN entry

Powerful tools for fraud prevention

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i3 Verticals, and our partners, are able to offer you a one-stop source for solutions:

Integrate software and mobile POS technologies with EMV, NFC and PIN entry

Customized to fit your specific needs and, in many cases, use your existing equipment and configurations

Integrated eCommerce solutions

Functionality for multi-store locations

Ability to monitor inventory and run key reports

Utilize fraud prevention tools

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i3 Verticals offers innovative solutions that create wins for both property managers and tenants:

Increased cash flow

Fewer late payments

Ability to receive one payment from multiple roommates

Multiple, convenient payment options

Detailed records at managers’ fingertips

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