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i3’s custom reporting tool makes it easier than ever for merchants, agents and referral partners to access important account information in real time.



Our partners no longer have to wait around for paper statements or use a digital system that doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles today’s MSPs and merchants need to maximize the efficiency of their operations. i3’s reporting tool adds significant value for MSPs, agent banks and merchants. 



Are you tired of waiting around to reconcile residual reports? Are your hands tied when your merchants reach out for help and there’s nothing you can do?


  • Client information dashboard - quickly and easily access all of your clients’ information, broken down by day, including a breakdown of all totals by card type
  • Forecasting - view what new merchants are taking on in order to project future processing volume
  • Campaigns - run and measure sales campaigns from a single application
  • Automate business processes - maximize efficiency through automation
  • Generate forms for email or e-signature - streamline your operations
  • Board accounts directly to processors - reduce human error and submit accounts to processors in a fraction of the time
  • Monitor client financial activity - anticipate attrition before it happens and take actions to mitigate it
  • Push notifications - always know what’s going on with your merchants—set up alerts for daily batch total, account change confirmations, notifications of disputes and statement availability
  • Lead management - assign leads to team members, monitor statistics and more
  • Appointment setting - set appointments for leads



Tired of waiting until the end of the month for your financial statement? Sick of having to call to order paper and other supplies? Streamline your operations with:


  • Online reporting - access daily reporting of all transaction types: check, debit, EBT, gift, loyalty and echecks
  • Chargebacks - address chargebacks immediately with alerts
  • Deposit information - view deposit information anytime, anywhere
  • PCI compliance status - quickly view PCI subscription, compliance status, compliance dates and contract information

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