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Fact: customers would rather give a gift card than an actual gift, empowering the recipient to choose the retailer to minimize returns. Why not give them what they really want: a paperless, cutting-edge way to give and receive.



i3 Gift is our unique e-gifting platform that allows anyone to “surprise and delight” a recipient from their phone or inbox. Generate more foot traffic while taking advantage of:

  • No gift card tracking
  • No discounted pricing
  • Pure convenience

 In addition to e-gifting programs, i3 provides merchants with traditional printed store gift cards designed to attract customers and reinforce brand loyalty.



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Turn visitors into loyal customers and advocates


It’s every retailer’s mission: to grow a loyal customer base that drives steady sales. With innovative products like our loyalty program, leveraging an innovative third-party solution by First Data, we can help you turn sporadic visitors into loyal fans by rewarding and communicating with them through their mobile phones through i3 Loyalty/Rewards.


Even small businesses can deliver a loyalty experience that feels like a million bucks:


  • Loyalty is rewarded only after a purchase has been validated
  • Exclusive perks for your best customers
  • Customers are rewarded for multiple purchases in one visit
  • Collecting stamps makes it fun and keeps them coming back


Ready to spread the love and boost sales for your business? Contact us about gifting & loyalty programs at information@i3verticals.com



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