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Simple and secure payment process management solutions for the public sector.




Collecting payments in the public sector presents unique challenges, ranging from security to long in-office lines and wait times. Government employees are often too burdened to be bothered with a lengthy process to accept payments. i3 takes the complexity away so clerks can focus on more important tasks in the office.


Collect taxes, parking fines, utilities, licenses and other fees with a leading provider of government payment process management solutions across the country. Whether it’s physical point-of-sale equipment or online website payments, our software integration works through an API and posts back real-time payment information from your customer database.  


  • Accept all major credit/debit cards and virtual checks 
  • Pay no fees, keep 100% of your revenue
  • Access system and robust reporting tool 24/7 
  • Receive payment funds directly to your bank
  • Never worry about security—we’re PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant
  • Accept cards at the counter with state-of-the-art equipment 
  • Receive payments from multiple departments while maintaining separate ledgers



  • Increase on-time collection
  • Pass processing costs to the end user in the form of a convenience fee
  • Reduce customer service calls regarding payments
  • Shorten lines at your payment locations
  • Increase payment flexibility for customers—online, in person, via mobile

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