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At i3 Verticals, we understand educators and administrators’ pain points when it comes to managing the education system’s many moving parts. From processing applications for free/reduced school lunch, to accepting and tracking school uniform payments—and everything in between—our multifaceted transaction management program supports more than 1,600 school districts and 6 million students.




Through PaySchools, we empower educators and administrators with the tools they need to better track, process and manage a wide range of school transactions with ease, convenience and data-driven performance. What’s the best part of this? Only PaySchools offers the solutions that link a school’s disconnected data for transportation, food service, athletics and the front office into their student information system (SIS) and general ledger platforms for tracking.


As educators’ needs continue to evolve, PaySchools is there to develop solutions that are tailored to each individual district or school and how they operate. And PaySchools guarantees any electronic check it processes, so the school district never gets stuck with tracking down insufficient funds. We also deliver the ability for parents to make installment payments on higher-ticket expenses such as class trips—providing convenience for the school and the student.


  • PASS - the Pay At School System (PASS) allows parents to pay for fees and lunch payments in person and seamlessly reconcile with your school’s student information system (SIS) or general ledger (GL) system.
  • SDMS - is a central browser-based system responsible for management of student data across the multitude of systems (and data formats) used throughout school systems. 


  • PayForIt.net - school districts can accept online payments from parents for everything including meals, activities, equipment rentals and more—all from a single, secure website.
  • PaySchools Cart - schools can sell products in an online student store, while managing inventory of purchases bought online or in person through a single system.


  • QuickLunch - this advanced point-of-sale (POS) solution was designed for use in the cafeteria to quickly and easily accept payments while integrating with your SIS and other district software.
  • Format - empowers schools to process, organize and implement free/reduced meals for students in accordance with all federal and USDA regulations. The user-friendly eFormat Parent Portal allows parents to apply for their child in a few clicks in a safe and secure solution.


I3 Education2



  • Fully customized to your needs
  • Versatile enough to integrate with your district’s financial software, SIS or interface
  • Thoroughly tested prior to launch
  • Backed by comprehensive service and support
  • Secured and backed by a fully compliant PCI platform
  • User-friendly with reporting tools for easy tracking and analytics
  • Convenient for students, parents and school employees

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